Recruitment of foreigners

Recruitment of foreigners

Openness, flexibility, cross-border cooperation these are our values and principles of functioning. We adapt to the market needs, constantly improving our recruitment network all over the world.

Working with Niden you will quickly and easily find workers for your company. Taking advantage of our Offices, Representatives as well as a network of business Partners we will quickly and efficiently supply workers form Ukraine, Georgia, as well as Belarus. In addition we also recruit workers from Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Nepal, Philippines, and Ethiopia.

We care for our Clients and Workers, facilitating mutual collaboration and overcoming language and cultural barriers:

  • we ensure care of a bilingual Coordinator,
  • we have created a unique guidebook making it easier for our workers to adapt to their place of work and new residence,
  • two-step control of a team leader as well as coordinator allows us to quickly and efficiently react to all unpredictable situations.
Recruitment of foreigners

Legalization of employment

If you would like to employ foreigners directly, we also have an offer for You.

We analyze the individual situation of each worker, in order to in a quick and efficient way provide the best method to recruit foreigners – minimalizing time and formal requirements, while maximizing their employment duration in Poland.

During the entire period of employment in your company, we keep track of all formalities and deadlines so that you can concentrate on the strategic goals of your company


Recruitment of foreigners

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