Temporary work

Temporary work

Focusing on strategic goals is a recipe for success of any organization. Recruitment is our strategic goal. We do not look for employees we find them.

And what is the strategic goal of your business?

Our Clients include manufacturing and warehousing companies from different industries such as: automotive, plastics, electronic, foodstuffs, chemical, textile industries. We also delegate temporary workers to the retail industry – every day few hundered Niden Workers help you in your daily shopping in the largest chain retail stores all over Poland.

Temporary work Agency

Why temporary work?

  • possibility of short-term employment of workers,
  • rapid replacement depending on current needs,
  • flexible adaptation of the number of workers to current needs,
  • possibility to test the worker without long-term commitment which would result from traditional employment contracts,
  • easy settlement methods with the aid of a single invoice,
  • saving of time and the possibility to focus on the main goals of your business.

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