Maria, Specjalista ds. Administracji

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The situation with the coronavirus pandemic surprised all of us. Due to a halt in the business activities of some of our Clients and due to the fact that we have less work we have decided to use this time well and make our own protective masks for our workers

Since recruitment is our specialty, we have decided to approach this subject in a professional manner and find a person within our ranks who would be able to deal with this rather unusual for our industry task. After all, making masks in times of a global pandemic is quite a challenge!

A cool professional approach to the subject and an analysis of our human resources, the willingness, and manual skills or our internal staff, the best candidate for the job was definitely our administration specialist – Maria from Katowice

The result of the #Nidenismakingmasks campaign was the making of several hundred protective masks which were then distributed among our temporary workers, office staff, and their families.

On a daily basis, Maria works in the Katowice Branch Office, supporting the work of the Operational Department in all of Poland. Preparing data for settlements and monitoring the employment process of foreigners she watches over the accuracy of administrative processes which take place  in all the Branch Offices

During the #Nidenismakingmasks campaign Mary surprised us once again revealing her hidden talents. As always she actively engaged all her skills to fulfill the current needs of our firm. On top of that, her smile and positive approach make it easier for all of us to get through these difficult times. Thank you Mary!

Mateusz, Student

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I first came to Niden 2 years ago. At that time I was in my penultimate year of technical high school and decided along with my friends to make some money on our own, working seasonally. My first commission was working in Tesco. The job was rather simple, since I performed the usual task of a sales floor employee such as putting out merchandise and replenishing inventory. Soon, with the help of Niden I was able to change my work to something more interesting – I was responsible for completing orders in a sporting goods warehouse. Since sport is my passion this work suited me much better. In addition, the earnings, which were quite attractive for a student, allowed me for the first time to go on a holiday for which I paid myself:) and although this was a camping holiday it was still unforgettable.

Currently I take advantage of Niden temporary work offers during all my breaks from school, taking on short-lasting assignments. I keep expanding my horizons, I have already been a cashier, a warehouse worker, an employee of a carpet shop, worked for an office moving company – so my CV keeps improving:). Timely payments and good contact with Agency consultants allow me not to worry about my employment. Furthermore, although my employment thus far only concerned simple tasks, I think that its diversity is very valuable and it the future it will make it easier for me to find my own place on the job market.

Mateusz, uczeń
Irakli, Pracownik produkcji

Irakli, Georgia

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My name is Irakli and I’m from Georgia. I am happy to share my story with you. I first came to Poland in search of work in 2018. It is very difficult to find employment in Georgia nowadays. Our economy is still developing so earnings are very low. That is why Georgians go abroad to earn at least a little more money and simply put to live better.

In Georgia it is said that Poland is a heavily industrialized country that is waiting for workers to come. That is why, when I was unable to find work in my country I decided to give Poland a try. In the beginning, I was very worried and nervous about what can happen in a new, completely foreign place. However, when I actually came here everything changed. Polish people are very friendly, while Polish culture suits me well. Everybody was very helpful whenever I needed it. The thing which amazed me the most was that in Poland we can buy products at really reasonable prices. Still today I thank God that I came across such a company as Niden

It is a group of professionals who really care and feel responsible for their workers. The coordinator helps me in all things which I cannot manage myself, thanks to which I feel truly safe. This makes living in a foreign country a lot easier!

Tatiana, Team Lider

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I come from Ukraine, from the area around Ternopil. Due to the fact that in Ukraine, and especially in my area it is difficult to find a job which would make it possible to support a family, my financial situation forced me to try and find work abroad. My first destination was Russia. I worked there for 6 months mainly in cleaning. However, the armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia forced me to return home.

Unfortunately finding an honest employer in my place of residence was virtually impossible and forced me to emigrate once again, this time to Poland. For 3 years I went every year to seaside resorts for seasonal work, but unfortunately such a way of earning was insufficient to provide for my family and a growing daughter. Then, a local carrier told me that there are job offers for Ukrainians in Poland in coffee production. Many people spoke positively about this offer and so I decided to give it a try and that is how I got to Niden.

Upon my first day in Poland I knew I had made the right decision. There was a lot of work, the accommodations were good, transport to work was provided, payments were on time and I had great contact with the coordinator. My hard work also resulted in a promotion and a few months later I became a team leader who supervised other Niden workers. Currently I support the Niden Operational Manager in his work and coordinate the work of Ukrainians in 7 manufacturing plants.


Working in Niden not only allowed me to find financial security but also gave me the opportunity to develop professionally in aspects connected with administration and personnel management. Thanks to the Niden Temporary Work Agency, I hope to be able to fulfill my goals and soon bring my daughter to Poland so that she can continue her education here. And since I have Polish roots I am very happy that I was able to learn Polish so well and I hope to be able to stay in Poland permanently.

Olga - Niden

Olga, Operational Director


I began my adventure with Niden (at that time functioning as Beetsma) in 2013. After an almost 4-year break in employment which was caused by the birth of two of my children I decided to come back onto the job market. Taking into account all factors at that time I assumed that I would find employment in about 6 months.

However, sometimes life is strange and I was able to find work in a week, however, I needed to start working in a matter of days. This forced me to completely reorganize my family life. Fortunately I was able to find a preschool for my children in a very short time. And so I became a Recruitment Specialist in Niden and the first employee in a newly opened Branch Office in Katowice.

Over the next several years I had the opportunity to work at different posts in Niden, such as operational coordinator, branch manager, regional manager, and currently as an operational director. All these different jobs came with a different set of tasks and a wider range of responsibilities, which allowed me to develop in various fields. In the meantime the company also changed adapting to the requirements of the changing job market. The small single-person Branch Office in Katowice turned into a 10-person team.

Since the beginning of my employment in Niden I have always valued its individual approach to employees and the possibility to create our own solutions. Cooperating with people who are able to listen, give advice and work together to look for optimal solutions is the reason that Niden is an employer with whom I was able to create a good, stable relationship which has lasted for years, while the feeling of having a real influence on shaping the organization’s mission and values is a source of both professional and personal satisfaction.

Mateusz, CEO


I have been in the temporary employment industry for 20 years. My first experiences are connected with working in the fields,  greenhouses, and warehouses of Germany and the Netherlands. Such a path of career development definitely helped me in understanding and appreciating the value of each worker and their unquestionable role in creating the success of any organization.

For the last 18 years I have been active as a coordinator, employment agent, planner, manager, and presently also the owner of a Temporary Employment Agency. I always try to provide support and advice to each and every colleague in the company – not only my closest coworkers but also all the office staff and the most important for us – Temporary Workers.

Mateusz CEO - Niden

I have always wanted to develop an organization that is friendly and open to everybody, workers, clients, as well as suppliers. Only the proper synergy and mutual respect allow us to consistently extend the number of people and clients who are pleased with Niden services.

I have always striven to create and work in a company, whose greatest ambition is long-term relations with Workers and Clients. I am proud of the fact, that in every relationship everyone can feel exceptional and important.

Along with Niden, we are opening a new chapter in international labor market services, and I am convinced that together we will be successful and this success will be built on a foundation of experience, energy, and continuous effective work

Join us, let yourself be inspired and make a difference with us!