Work - life - Balance, i.e. work is important, but people and the mental comfort of our employees and ourselves are more important. And it works!


A few words about the beginnings of Niden! Meet Mateusz, our CEO and founder of our organization.

The domain of every company is the fact that there is always a beginning and a person who initiates its creation. In the case of Niden, this person was our CEO - Mateusz Grüner. Founder, "father" and motivation for many.

Mateusz has been operating in the Temporary Employment industry for over 20 years. The fact is that in his professional career he has gone through all stages of employment (from working in production to a director's position), which is why he is able to understand his production and office employees, but also his clients, like no one else.

Mateusz once said: "My story can be an inspiration for other ambitious and patient people who want to face their professional dreams :) These are the people I try to gather around themselves in Niden, where they can develop, make mistakes, draw the right conclusions from them, and thus develop their skills and qualifications. Support in developing people and the entire organization is what drives me the most at Niden.”

From conversations and audits with our employees, we know that this is the case.

You are probably wondering how Mateusz chooses and employs his colleagues. Well, the rule is very simple. Conversation, authenticity and ambition - that's what works here.

AtNiden Mateusz, as we have already mentioned, is the Managing Director. His task is to ensure that the company and its employees can develop in a safe and stable environment. And that's how it is.

As Mateusz always repeats: “We are an ambitious organization focused on achieving ambitious goals, but we never forget to have a 'human face' and always put people first and his needs.”

Who is Mateusz privately? First of all, he is a father and his daughters are the most important value and motivation for him. In addition, he spends a lot of time actively - walking or training off-road on a quad bike and a mountain bike.

Mateusz often says "Be Hard for the Problem - Soft for the People". So, before you start holding people accountable, diagnose the problem, find its cause, and then show support and enforce a recovery plan.” At Niden, what matters to us is relationships and what values we can derive from what we do. As you can see, inspiration and example come from above.

A few words about the beginnings of Niden! Meet Mateusz, our CEO and founder of our organization.

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